Testing DRM on Exoplayer Sample Demo App

To test DRM content playback on Exoplayer first you need to create the demo Exoplayer app from the below git project

The details of the demo app are available here:

On generating the build in the project you will find the APK in the below folder path:


Once you install the APK on our device, you can try testing for the build using the below command

Now to open DRM content with all the DRM parameters, use the command below:

Now if you are working on a Microsoft Windows OS then the above command might not work properly, as the ‘\’ escape needs to be replaced with the ‘^’ character. So for the Windows system please use the below command format

Change the parameters according to the DRM stream and header requirements.

If you need extra params then use the below details of the ADB parameters to formulate the command:

You can find more info regarding these parameters here:

Now if you want to test multiple streams, it's easier to put the commands in a .BAT or .SH file and run it via terminal.

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