If you are getting Shaka player errors 6001 (REQUESTED_KEY_SYSTEM_CONFIG_UNAVAILABLE) and 7000 (LOAD_INTERRUPTED) on your app with hosted shaka player playing DRM content then check if the domain is having HTTPS. If not then make necessary changes to apply HTTPS.

To test DRM content playback on Exoplayer first you need to create the demo Exoplayer app from the below git project

The details of the demo app are available here:

On generating the build in the project you will find the APK in the below folder path:


Once you…

Have you tried running a packaged React JS app in Android, iOS, LG webOS, or Samsung Tizen and found that it's just showing a blank screen?

What's happening here?

It might be because of the following 4reasons

  1. Browser support
  2. Missing Polyfill
  3. Home page root
  4. BrowserRouter instead of HashRouter

Let's see…

Ever wanted to edit and update the images in your google doc but you don’t have the backup of the original image?

Well just follow the below steps to get the original image in its full resolution for you to edit and update.


  1. Open the Google Doc
  2. Go to file menu and select download and download as Web page

3. Extract the downloaded zip file to get the images in the image folder

Simple as that. 😉

OR Git pull failed with “repository not found” message?

You can solve this by the below command:

git remote set-url origin https://username:password@github.com/repo.git

Just replace the ‘username’ and ‘password’ with your credentials.

Even after doing so if you are getting the below error while trying to push:

“Error gnutls_handshake() failed: Handshake failed”

then check for the branch permission. no need to create new ssh.

if the error persists with the above set URL, check if there is any special chars in the username:password. if so then you need to URL encode them and use.

Use the below site to encode:


Most of you might have struggled to send/upload files from your mobile/PC to your Android TV or Amazon Fire TV devices for viewing them. The normal way of connecting your flash drive behind you TV is not much of an easy way. …

Its been a year I started working on Android TV and I couldn’t find a decent file explorer app for Android TV. All the file explorer/manager apps out there is just a porting of the mobile/tablet app to TV. You will have to adjust with the unreliable navigation these app…

Remix OS is Android OS for PC

Here I am going to show how to install Remix OS along side with Ubuntu without making separate disk partition.

Prerequisite: Ubuntu installed PC

Now get your copy of Remix OS from :

On downloading you will have this file: release_Remix_OS_for_PC_Android_xxxxxxxxxxx.zip

Unzip it.

Deepak Pk

Tech lead / Android, Roku Developer / deepakpk.com

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